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Individual Record for: Michel Bloumine (male)

    Jules Bloumine+
  Pierre Bloumine      Family Record
Michel Bloumine      Family Record Rachel Lea Aronson
  Helene Dantziger       

Spouse Children
Elisabeth Chiche
  (Family Record)
Nicolas Bloumine
Xavier Bloumine
Jean-Pierre Bloumine

Event Date Details
Birth 1953 Place: Nantes, France
Subject: From Bloumine in France
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 2004 19:35:48 +0100
To: <familytree@mike-baker.com>
From: "m.bloumine" <m.bloumine@wanadoo.fr>Cc: Mathilde BLOUMINE <mbloumine@aol.com>

Hello, My name is Michel Bloumine. I'm 51 old. I found your page on the net, it's fabulous. I didn't know that I have a family over the Atlantic ocean. My grandfather is Jules Bloumine, who died in 1977, Paris. Jules Bloumine had two children: Simone, born in 1920 in Reims dead in 1987, maried with L»on Proscour, no children; and, Pierre, born in 1923 in Reims dead in 1986 , maried with Helene Dantziger, 3 children: 1. Michel, born in 1953 in Nantes, maried with Elisabeth Chiche, divorced, 3 children: a. Nicolas born in 1982 in Lyon b. Xavier born in 1986 in Lyon c. Jean-Pierre born in 1987 in Lyon 2. Mathilde, born in 1956 in Lyon, not married. 3. Claude, born in 1963 in Lyon, married with Helen Breton 3 children's a. Emily born in 1991 in Paris b. Florent born in 1994 in Paris c. Chlaude born in 1998 in Paris You are a very great family in the United States, It's nice. My sister found a Blumine in Jerusalem, it's a long time, but she has no news. See you later, Bye! Michel Bloumine

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