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Individual Record for: Emily Apter (female)

  David Apter       
Emily Apter      Family Record  
Phillip Selwyn
  Eleanor S. Selwyn      Family Record
    Lillian Blumin+

Spouse Children
Anthony Vidler
  (Family Record)
Nicolas Apter-Vidler

Event Date Details
Birth 19 JUL 1954  

Attribute Details
Occupation Professor, French. Department of French, NYU
Latest book: "The Translation Zone: A New Comparative Literature" out from Princeton UP in 2005. <p> Ph.D., Princeton. Major Interests: 19th- and 20th-century French and comparative literatures; Francophone studies; cultural studies; critical theory. <P> http://www.pupress.princeton.edu/titles/8064.html <P> Endorsements: "This is a terrific book and a great pleasure to read. At once creative and provocative, Apter's witty analyses of multilingual matters in literature makes a major contribution to a range of disciplines from translation studies, comparative literature and linguistics, postcolonial studies, to mainstream literary studies in French and English. What is so unusual is the impressive breadth and range of Apter's reading in literatures across the globe. This is a book that will make readers want to rethink the limits of their own disciplines, and retranslate the concepts that they employ."--Robert J. C. Young, Oxford University, author of Postcolonialism: An Historical Introduction <p>A 19th Century scholar who has also done much work in 20th Century studies, Emily Apter joins the Department of French as a Professor. Professor Apter comes to NYU from UCLA where she was Chair of the Department of Comparative Literature and Professor of Comparative Literature and French. <p>Her areas of interest include cultural studies, women s studies and Francophone literature. Professor Apter received her Ph.D. (1983) and M.A. (1980) in Comparative Literature from Princeton University and her B.A. in History and Literature from Harvard University (1977). She has taught at Cornell University, where she was Chair of Comparative Literature, University of California, Davis, the University of Pennsylvania, and Williams College. <p>Her books include Continental Drift: From National Characters to Virtual Subjects (1999), Fetishism as Cultural Discourse (co-edited with William Pietz in 1993), Feminizing the Fetish: Psychoanalysis and Narrative Obsession in Turn-of-the-Century France (1991), and AndrÈ Gide and the Codes of Homotextuality (1987). Professor Apter is also the editor of a book series, Translation/Transnation for Princeton University Press, and serves on the editorial boards of PMLA, Comparative Literature. (www.nyu.edu/fas/NewsEvents/FASNews/08072002_newhire_bios.html)

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