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Individual Record for: Arthur Blumin (male)

    Abraham Blumin+
  Harry Blumin      Family Record
Arthur Blumin      Family Record Sylvia Goldstein+
  Stella Tante       

Spouse Children
Lilyan Schiffrin
  (Family Record)
David H. Blumin
Leonard J. Blumin
Shirley Not Known
  (Family Record)
Barbara Jane Blumin

Event Date Details
Birth ABT APR 1906 Place: Russia
Death 1990  
Burial 1990 Place: New Haven CT
David Blumin
David Blumin, mobilemed@earthlink.net
Had colon cancer but he died (1990) from pneumonia secondary to impaired immuological status seconday to chronic leukemia (a form of cancer) and steroid medication and diabetes. He was most probably cancer-free at time of death

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